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In the beginning little bit of history. Omega Replica brand established fact but are you aware how was born the road Constellation?

It had been within the first 1 / 2 of the prior century, within the occasions when quartz movement would be a complete sci-fi watching manufactures were competing to create records within the precision. It had been the observatory in which the competition happened - more specifically couple of of these: in Neuchatel, Geneve (Swiss) as well as in Kew (United kingdom). Each year there have been names like Patek, Rolex watch, Vacheron, Omega Replica, etc. (only Patek and Best Replica Watches regurarly each year).

The timepiece movevements were tortued. Calculating in five position as well as in three different temps for that duration of couple of days. Somebody can tell it's just like today COSC ... however the precision rate what food was in least ten occasions strict! At individuals days the truth was breath-taking.

Like a proof that Replica Omega Watches was excellent at these competitions is really a fact, that in 1932 the timekeeping od Olympics was handed into it. In line with the proven fact that set an archive in Geneva observatory when winning in most five groups (marine, aboard, pocket, wrist chronometer). I won't write every rank in each and every category that Omega won - that might be for whole book because they were about 500 of these. As well as the best I think about the derive from 1936 (Kew) where cal. 47.7 won as well as set the record with 97,8/100pts. (the speed was beaten by Zenith a lot more later, in year 1965).

In line with the knowledge about the precising timepieces in 1952 there comes Constellation towards the light. Because the title informs you, the timepiece combines the precision present in observatory tests with century old know-how of the trademark, timeless and magnificence. Immediately Constellation may be the flagship of Omega Replica like a first automatic chronometer that was mass-created.

Between years 1962-1966 Omega stored greater than fifty percent share of certificates. In 1966 there is 100.000 certificates consecutively - without single one "lazy" movement. Production outrated Rolex watch in 1958-1968 as well as in 1972 they celebrated chronometer with 2.000.000 serial number.

In 70's Omega Replica sitting around the quarta movement wave from Omega Replica. They attempted to help keep at the very top possible precision therefore the line Constellation Megaquartz was created. Quality 1510 is much more than 10 occasions finer that typical quarta movement. 2 yrs later in year 1974 Constellation Marine Chronometer set the record which are more accurate watch so ever. In test there is deviaton of twoOrthousands for 2 several weeks!